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As you are all aware, one of the greatest & most advantageous strategies to obtain backlinks and also generate some traffic is to bookmark a link. We appreciate your efforts and would want to share this new social bookmarking sites list for 2022 with high DA with you if you wish to save a link on social bookmarking websites like Google Bookmarks,, etc. I am positive that by employing these sites, your website’s SERP position will rise and that you will also receive do follow backlinks.

At the end of this piece, we’ll provide you a list of 24+ free social bookmarking sites, which will make your job simpler. All of these social bookmarking sites have passed our tests and are operational.

What is Social Bookmarking?

The act of social bookmarking involves saving preferred webpages for later use on websites like Digg, Mix, Reddit, Delicious, or other social bookmarking services. Social bookmarking services allow you to gather links that you want to preserve, making it easy for you to access them as well. This is an alternative to utilising standard bookmarks with folders as storage systems for our favourite websites. Additionally, you may distribute them to your pals.

Additionally, social bookmarking has benefits for SEO. You receive backlinks from them. Because of this, the SEO sector makes extensive use of free Latest New Bookmarking Sites. High PR social bookmarking sites may be an excellent resource if you’re trying to increase the number of backlinks to your website and improve its position in search results.

Advantage of Social Bookmarking Sites

Off-page SEO is the next crucial task you complete after optimising the on-page content of your website. Social bookmarking is a key tactic in off-page SEO that is employed to add connections to other domains and obtain high-quality backlinks. You need to start directory submissions and social bookmarking submissions as soon as you begin your off-page SEO operations. Making social bookmarks for your links can speed up the indexing process, which will improve your website’s ranking for your target keywords.

Utilizing dofollow social bookmarking networks is the most effective technique to advertise your website since it will make it simpler for users and audiences to find you when they are searching for specific themes. People and audiences can find your material more easily when they search for subjects linked to it thanks to social bookmarks you’ve created.

Increasing traffic would make sense if one’s objective is to maximise prospective earnings while limiting costs associated with advertising expenditures because higher exposure increases income opportunities, which is what social bookmarking services accomplish. Your website gets more visitors as a result.

How to Do Social Bookmarking?

There are numerous recommendations you should keep in mind when bookmarking a website utilising social bookmarking services. Here are a few of them:

Make your social bookmarking link’s title unique.

1. Make a distinct description in between 51 and 100 words.

2. Choose a few tags or keywords to include when submitting to social bookmarking sites.

3. Observe the rules set forth by the social bookmarking network.

4. Don’t repeatedly bookmark the same URL.

List of Social Bookmarking Sites

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